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Sometimes nature can come in the way of building your dream home, especially when there is a tree or a group of trees in the middle of your land. But have thought about saving that tree and incorporating it into the design? Seems like this is becoming a real trend now, but it also represents an ecological type of design and the results are stunning. Below you will find a selection of 25 images that will inspire you in your own project and are all examples of great designs that harmonize with nature. A tree in the middle of your home or deck can give a very unique and eclectic look to your home and the feeling that you managed to save a tree’s life is amazing 

The Most Things Things That People with Clean Houses Always Do

  The Most Things That People with Clean Houses Always Do

The Most Things Things That People with Clean Houses Always Do

Hey everybody ! How are you ? today we have to show you The Most Things Things That People with Clean Houses Always Do ,Some people think that cleaning is something to be saved for the weekend and then you need to take all day to get it done. However, that’s rarely a way that works very well. While deep cleaning every day is impossible, busy people know that doing small things consistently is much easier than a whole day of cleaning. Here are some things that you can do on a daily basis to maintain a clean house.

Make the Bed   

Starting your day off by making your bed will set the spirit of order and organization that you need to carry throughout the rest of your day. It’s quick and simple, and both puts you in the clean mood and also makes your bedroom look much better.


When everything has a place, things rarely stay on the floor for too long. Get organized and add some cubbies
or boxes to store things around the house so that, when it comes time to put things away, everything has a home.

Unload the Dishwasher   

While it may be tempting to just leave the clean dishes in the dishwasher and just pull whatever you need out of it, that’s not a good idea. If you get into the habit of, every morning, putting away the clean dishes, then when they get used, they won’t pile up in the sink but go right back into the dishwasher!

Don’t Procrastinate   

Don’t ever tell yourself, “Oh, I’ll get that later”, especially if it’s an easy clean up. Don’t let spills settle or packaging just sit around. Clean up spills, throw away packing, and sweep up crumbs right away so a mess doesn’t build up or harden on.

Remove Shoes    

Shoes, especially in the winter, are one of the most common items to get your house dirty. Get yourself and your family in the habit of removing shoes right when you step through the door. This will prevent shoes from being thrown all over the living room and also stop mud and dirt from being tracked inside.

Clean as You Go    

Don’t save all your cleanup for at the end of dinner or something else. If you put a pan in the oven, take that time to clean the counters and dishes you’ve already used. If you just put the cookies away, clean the cookie tray instead of just throwing it in the sink.

Quick Cleanup before Bed   

Take five minutes before you go to bed and tidy up the house. Get your whole family involved and make sure to put away toys, pick up pillows, stow away shoes, etc. If needed, do a quick sweep or run with the vacuum for small messes; don’t worry about deep cleaning.

Open Doors   

This may seem like a small idea, but taking a few minutes every day to open the doors or windows will really help air out your home. You may not smell it, but funky odors can sometimes spring up right under your nose pretty quickly. Keeping the doors open can help get that smell out.

Specific Day for Laundry    

Don’t just wait until your hamper is overflowing with dirty clothes or you’re down to your last pair of pants. Set a specific day to do laundry each week and stick to it! You’ll always have clothes to wear and never have to worry about the hamper becoming a dirty laundry mountain!

Clean out the Fridge   
This is a good idea to do about once a week. Throw out any leftovers that have gone bad and check all the condiments to see if they’re still good. Wipe up any spills or stains before they have even more time to settle in. Consider buying some  refrigerator shelf liners
to prevent any stains.

How to Choose the Right Home

How to Choose the Right Home

How to Choose the Right Home


For first-time buyers and repeat buyers alike, the decision to make an offer on a home is both exciting and a little scary. If your offer is accepted, the place you’ve chosen will be your home for the next several years. Not only should you feel emotionally satisfied by your choice, but you should also feel financially comfortable that you’re buying a home that you can afford and that you feel confident will hold onto its value or hopefully increase in value over the years.

While no one can know for sure what will happen to housing values, if you make the choice to buy a home that meets your needs and priorities you’ll be happy to live in it for years to come.
Neighborhood or Home Amenities

For some homebuyers, living in a particular neighborhood takes precedence over all other priorities, but for others, the home itself matters more. Ideally, you’ll find the perfect home in the neighborhood you love at a price that’s below your budget, but realistically, most people have to make some compromises.

You (and your spouse, partner or family) should make a list of what features you want in a home, such as the number of bedrooms, a fenced yard, granite counters in the kitchen, and then rank them in terms of priorities. Think about whether the house or the community matter more to you, and whether it’s worth it to you to make a longer commute in order to live in a home with a larger lot.

When to Compromise

Once you’ve determined whether the location or the house itself matters most, you may have to compromise on some of your priorities. If the location is the most important factor for your home choice but you find that homes are priced above your budget, you can compromise in several ways:

·         Look for a different home type within the community, such as a smaller single family home, a town home or condominium. Decide if you can live with one less bedroom or other features on your list.


Consult with a lender or a financial planner to discuss your options for increasing your budget. While no one should overspend on a home, you should recognize that going $10,000 above your price range when you’re financing your purchase with a 30-year fixed-rate loan will actually add only about $30 to your monthly payment.

·         Lower your expectations about the condition of the home. While everyone prefers a move-in ready home, you can often get a better deal on a home that needs some cosmetic repairs. Be careful, though, to have a home inspection and to evaluate the structure of the home to see that it meets your needs. Moving walls and adding a bathroom are costly renovations, while painting and replacing appliances are more reasonable.

If you have your heart set on a specific home style or a home with a larger yard for your children or to garden, your compromise is more likely to be in the location. If you’re willing to commute farther or perhaps choose a home in a community next to the ‘hot’ neighborhood, you can often find a more affordable home that fulfills your wish list.

An experienced Realtor can help you determine when and how to compromise and should take the time to show you a variety of alternatives so you can make an informed decision about when to make an offer.


Perfect DIY Ideas For Hiding The Router In The Home

Perfect DIY Ideas For Hiding The Router In The Home

Perfect DIY Ideas For Hiding The Router In The Home

This perfect diy ideas will make your life better especially the sleeping. Every night we are looking at the constant flashing of the lights from the router. We cover the router with shirts, bags and pillows but don’t help.
But we are addicted to the internet, and we need that ugly box named router.Because if it’s not necessary probably we gonna throw it in the same moment. We have easy and perfect diy ideas to hide this box and the flashing lights. And the bonus is that this ideas look modern and will fit great in the home decor.