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Clever Tricks to Deep Cleaning Your Bathroom Without Spending a Dime

 Clever Tricks to Deep Cleaning Your Bathroom Without Spending a Dime

 Deep Cleaning Your Bathroom Without Spending a Dime

Hey there my lovely people! How are you? Are you enjoying the beautiful days? I’m always here to inspire you and awaken your creativity. For today, I have a collection of Clever Tricks to Deep Clean Your Bathroom Without Spending a Dime
Procrastinating to clean your home can lead to even tougher tasks and will take you much more time. Cleaning 15 min a day is a good idea and will ease your life and safe a lot of time. For today, I have 10 Smart Tricks to Clean Your Bathroom Without Spending a Dime.

These tips and tricks will help you make your bathroom sparkle clean in less effort and time. Eco-friendly products are used for cleaning, which means that you will save a fortune. Let’s check them out and draw some inspiration. Enjoy and have fun!

 You can clean the faucets and shower heads in your bathroom with baking soda, vinegar, original blue dawn and toothbrush for scrubbing. Both, faucets and shower heads are a breeding ground for bacteria, so I recommend you to clean them often.

There is a simple method to clean the washer too. You need to fill it with hot water and add 1 quart of chlorine bleach. After one hour, run the machine through its longest wash and spin cycle. Immediately fill it with hot water and add 1 quart distilled white vinegar and let it sit for 1 hour. This is the easiest way to clean away the mineral deposits, soap scum and bacteria.

The hard water stains in the toilet can be cleaned with baking soda and vinegar.

Use cotton coil and bleach to remove grout from the tub’s sides and soak the cotton coil in bleach and leave it on the grout. After you remove the coil, you need t brush it away with toothbrush.


Epsom salt scrub will make the glass shower doors or the tile in your tub sparkle. To remove the hard water stains, you will need to blend 1/4 cup liquid dish soap, 1/2 cup baking soda and 1 cup Epsom salts in a small mixing bowl.


You don’t need to call a plumber when the drain become slow. You will only need a few paper towels, vinegar, baking soda and a pair of skinny pliers.

Mix 1/2 cup baking soda, 1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide and 1 teaspoon of liquid dish soap and whiten the grout and clean the tub and bathroom tiles without using chemicals.
You can clean and rust off the shower rods and chrome light fixtures with two products. Use Barkeeper’s Friends to remove the rust and then use Minwax Finishing Wax Paste to protect the metal after you clean it. You can use these products to clean off the repel water and soap scum.

The water stains on the faucet can be removed by wrapping vinegar soaked paper towel around the faucet and let soak for more than 30 min.


You can use lemon to get rid of the water stains in your bathroom that never seem to go away. This amazing tricks is inexpensive and the results are obvious immediately. Plus, the lemon is gentler on your hands, than the chemicals that you use.


So, what do you think about these tricks to clean your bathroom? Do you find them useful and would you dare to mix vinegar and baking soda and clean the bathroom? I would love to know your opinion, So share these tricks with your friends.

The Most Things Things That People with Clean Houses Always Do

  The Most Things That People with Clean Houses Always Do

The Most Things Things That People with Clean Houses Always Do

Hey everybody ! How are you ? today we have to show you The Most Things Things That People with Clean Houses Always Do ,Some people think that cleaning is something to be saved for the weekend and then you need to take all day to get it done. However, that’s rarely a way that works very well. While deep cleaning every day is impossible, busy people know that doing small things consistently is much easier than a whole day of cleaning. Here are some things that you can do on a daily basis to maintain a clean house.

Make the Bed   

Starting your day off by making your bed will set the spirit of order and organization that you need to carry throughout the rest of your day. It’s quick and simple, and both puts you in the clean mood and also makes your bedroom look much better.


When everything has a place, things rarely stay on the floor for too long. Get organized and add some cubbies
or boxes to store things around the house so that, when it comes time to put things away, everything has a home.

Unload the Dishwasher   

While it may be tempting to just leave the clean dishes in the dishwasher and just pull whatever you need out of it, that’s not a good idea. If you get into the habit of, every morning, putting away the clean dishes, then when they get used, they won’t pile up in the sink but go right back into the dishwasher!

Don’t Procrastinate   

Don’t ever tell yourself, “Oh, I’ll get that later”, especially if it’s an easy clean up. Don’t let spills settle or packaging just sit around. Clean up spills, throw away packing, and sweep up crumbs right away so a mess doesn’t build up or harden on.

Remove Shoes    

Shoes, especially in the winter, are one of the most common items to get your house dirty. Get yourself and your family in the habit of removing shoes right when you step through the door. This will prevent shoes from being thrown all over the living room and also stop mud and dirt from being tracked inside.

Clean as You Go    

Don’t save all your cleanup for at the end of dinner or something else. If you put a pan in the oven, take that time to clean the counters and dishes you’ve already used. If you just put the cookies away, clean the cookie tray instead of just throwing it in the sink.

Quick Cleanup before Bed   

Take five minutes before you go to bed and tidy up the house. Get your whole family involved and make sure to put away toys, pick up pillows, stow away shoes, etc. If needed, do a quick sweep or run with the vacuum for small messes; don’t worry about deep cleaning.

Open Doors   

This may seem like a small idea, but taking a few minutes every day to open the doors or windows will really help air out your home. You may not smell it, but funky odors can sometimes spring up right under your nose pretty quickly. Keeping the doors open can help get that smell out.

Specific Day for Laundry    

Don’t just wait until your hamper is overflowing with dirty clothes or you’re down to your last pair of pants. Set a specific day to do laundry each week and stick to it! You’ll always have clothes to wear and never have to worry about the hamper becoming a dirty laundry mountain!

Clean out the Fridge   
This is a good idea to do about once a week. Throw out any leftovers that have gone bad and check all the condiments to see if they’re still good. Wipe up any spills or stains before they have even more time to settle in. Consider buying some  refrigerator shelf liners
to prevent any stains.

Best Tips for Getting a Sparkling Bathroom

Best Tips for Getting a Sparkling Bathroom

8 Tips for Getting a Sparkling Bathroom
Hi everybody,today we will give you Best Tips for Getting a Sparkling Bathroom. Cleaning the bathroom is a chore that not many claim to enjoy.  The daily use takes a toll after a short time and it is definitely a job that needs to be done on a regular basis.  Whether you have a large family or you are single at home, cleaning toilets is one of those things you will take any help for.  Here’s 8 tips for getting that toilet sparkling clean.


1- DIY Toilet Bowl Cleaner from Live Simply

2- Peppermint Toilet Bombs from Premeditated Leftovers

3- Peroxide Bowl Cleaner from One Good Thing

4- Toilet Bowl Magic Eraser from Household Tips

5- Grapefruit Scrub from One Crazy House

6- Removing Hard Water Stains from 

7- Homemade Bowl Cleaner from Passion for Savings


8- Brush Disinfectant from One Crazy House




The bathroom is both the least favorite room to clean and the one that needs it the most. If you don’t stay on top of the dirt, it can get ahead of you, especially in those forgotten nooks and crannies. Luckily, with just a few household items you can whip your bathroom into shape with only a little effort. Check out these tried-and-true tips for keeping your throne fit for a queen!


A mixture of baking soda and bleach paired with some elbow grease and a toothbrush is all that you need to do this.


Soak cotton balls or cotton coil in bleach and place it along the stained/moldy caulking. Let it sit overnight, and in the morning the mold will have disappeared!


All you need for this is baking soda, vinegar, water, a rag, and a toothbrush.


Rather than relying on chemical cleaners like Draino, go the old-fashioned route and get to the root of the problem. You’ll need some tools to take apart your tub stopper, as well as vinegar and baking soda.

5. Give your plastic shower curtain a good wash.

You can actually throw this in the washing machine! Add one or two cups of white vinegar to the load, along with some towels to keep it from bunching up. Do NOT put the plastic shower curtain in the dryer; instead, hang it up on the curtain rod to dry.