Nobody Will Tell You About Truths Married Life (10 Facts)

Nobody Will Tell You About Truths Married Life

Dwell Of Decor: Nobody Will Tell You About Truths Married Life

Whoever thinks things don’t change the minute someone gets married is completely wrong. It may not show straight away, but over time things definitely start shifting. People start getting comfortable with each other (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing) and forget the spark that made them feel the need to get married in the first place. Married life is different from your imagination as a bachelor.
These hilarious truths about married life are pretty accurate and maybe your marriage is nothing like this, which is a given, but some people will definitely be able to relate.

1. Say goodbye to all the saving hat you’ve been doing till now

What’s hers is hers and what’s yours is also hers!

2. Sharing is caring!

So is marking your territory.

3. If you’re going to look, don’t get caught.

You don’t want to be caught by a camera especially on your wedding day, the beginning of your married life.

4. Husbands are full of jokes.

Sometimes his humor can land him on the couch for the night.

5. Some men will forever need a mommy.

You never knew this would happen. But you chose this married life.  Are you up for the challenge?

6. Thou shalt never tell her she looks fat.

It’s amazing that some men still haven’t figured this out.

7. Some marriages never change.

Just throw a couple kids in the mix and that’s the secret of your perfect married life.

8. Things that made you a gentleman before? well, you got comfortable so there’s no being a gentleman now.

Also, try complaining about it in the morning. We dare you. Perks of having a married life

9. Now you’re naturally going to ignore the farts.

Your spouse has nothing to hide now that you’re legally bound to each other. Enjoy your married life keeping no secrets

10. Women think their husbands are incapable of grocery shopping 

You might think your husband is too lazy to go to the grocery store with you or when he goes alone he isn’t able to figure out what and how to do. In reality, it’s genius. They hope you will never ask them to do it again, one important thing to note in your married life.


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