5 Tips For Decorating Small Apartment

Top 5 Tips For Decorating Small Apartment

Dwell Of Decor: 5 Tips For Decorating Small Apartment

Properties with reduced sizes seem to be difficult to settle, but there’s nothing like a bit of ingenuity to make him appear a thousand times bigger. The decor is your greatest ally in this quest, as well as a look at open to possibilities that space offers. And as we love good decorative solutions, we decided to make the task for you with a guide filled with simple tricks that will help you, and time to compose a small environment. It’s always good to store them up your sleeve.


It’s no secret: a clear and well-lit environment may seem much larger than it really is. This is because the incident light reflected in the surroundings creating the feeling of spaciousness. But wait, You do not need to invest in a minimalist look and full white, The trick is to create a clear basis which can be supplemented with furniture and colorful objects. However, be careful not to use too many parts in order not to overload the circulation and look of the room.


Always have the supplement of the plant on hands and a measurement tape  is very important when you decide to purchase new furniture. But before that, we need to think about the composition of the rooms. For small rooms, for example, providing the traditional combo: two sofas, armchairs, coffee table and side tables. Replace one of the couches for a chair or interesting design armchair or else opt for a model “L”, which occupies the area very well and offers plenty of seating. The coffee table can also leave the scene, keeping as possible support the side tables.


A small apartment with very compartmentalized layout is far from functional. Therefore, the ideal is to get rid of some of the partition walls that block the view and the conversation between the rooms. To have the long awaited sense of space, create a fully integrated living joining living room, dining room, balcony and kitchen.


A stool and side table in the living room easily becomes a seat over the dinner table. An ottoman in front of the sofa can serve as a footrest or as coffee table, with the help of a tray. Parts like these are essential wildcards in environments with little space because unfold in various functions. The furniture casters are also super spacious because they can be moved easily through the rooms.


do you know how to win a little more space in a corner that never imagined? Just replace the traditional door by sliding! The same goes for the doors of furniture such as wardrobes, kitchen cabinets and rack. And to make the look even lighter, comprehensive and integrated, it bet on glazed or mirrored models.

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