13 Breathtaking Modern Living Rooms That Will Blow Your Mind

13 Breathtaking Modern Living Rooms That Will Blow Your Mind

Dwell Of Decor: 13 Breathtaking Modern Living Rooms That Will Blow Your Mind

There are a few characteristics that distinguish a living room decorated in a modern style. Modern living rooms are usually painted in neutral colors, such as white, beige, black or grey. This way, the attention is drawn more to the furniture or other accessories.  Brighter, livelier colors are usually found on some details, such as rugs or pillows. Shapes are also very important in achieving the look of minimalism and simplicity that are distinctive in modern living rooms.
The furniture is usually with clean simple lines, in angular forms. Sometimes, the furniture can have a round shape, but it’s generally just one piece, usually the coffee table. Modern living rooms have that beautiful sleek and glossy appearance, thanks to the materials that are used, such as linoleum, granite, concrete or lacquered hardwood for flooring, and steel and chrome for furniture.
A lot of natural light is also typical for a modern living room, and this is achieved by large windows that allow sunlight to enter freely. Of course, artificial lightning is just as important. Lights are usually subtle, mostly unobtrusive ceiling lights or floor lamps with a soft glow that does not attract a lot of attention, but fits beautifully in the complete design of the room. Artwork and plants can also be added, which will give the living room a softer warmer look and will create a more pleasant atmosphere.
So basically, these are the main characteristics of a modern living room. If you are thinking of redecorating your living room, you could use these ideas to create the room that you want. You could take a look at the pictures below for additional inspiration.



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