15 Must Know Clothing and Shoe Hacks

15 Must Know Clothing and Shoe Hacks

Clothing is something that we use in our life every single day and at times it can be a hassle. There are so many different things that can happen to your clothes. You can out grow them, spill something on them, and accidentally shrink them in the dryer.

Instead of running to the department store the next time you have a clothing catastrophe, you must read this list first. The most common clothing problems can be solved with just a few simple hacks! Hacking your wardrobe will save you time and money. Skip the expensive stain removers and buying new clothes. You can make your current wardrobe look even better without spending a dime.

These clothing and shoe hacks are for both men and women alike. They are guaranteed to save you money and help you better your look for less. Many things like stain removers and fabric softener can be very expensive, and we teach you how to be thrifty with what you already have around the house.

This list contains the top 45 clothing and shoe hacks we know. Be prepared to change the way you think about clothes!

1. Hide up a knotted shirt under a belt

This is a great way to get a unique and classy outfit.

2. Tuck non skinny jeans into boots

Non-skinny jeans can be difficult to tuck into a boots. Fix that by doing this simple trick!

3. Tuck in one half of your shirt

This one simple fashion hack can really make a difference.

4. Fix shoes with a bike repair kit

Rubber is rubber, so a bike repair kit can fix holes in shoes!

5. Keep boots wrinkle free with pool noodles

Who knew pool noodles could be this handy? Just cut a pool noodle in half and stick them in. Also keeps boots upright!

6. Stretch tight boots

Have a pair of leather boots that are too tight? Put on a pair of thick socks and blow dry them on high!

7. Use Mr. Clean magic erasers on shoes

This is the best thing you can use to get dirt and grime off of shoes.

8. Carry Quick Tips with you

Quick Tips make it easy to repair a busted heel. Carry them with you to prevent a disaster!

9. Prevent sweat marks with lemon juice

Before you throw your sweaty clothes in the wash, spray them with a mix of lemon juice and water.

10. Loosen up your leather jacket

Is your leather jacket too stiff? Just get it wet and stretch it out. Works like a charm!

11. Invest in a lint remover

Keep all of your clothes looking new by investing in a lint remover. They are under $10!

12. Re-thread your hoodie string with a straw

Is the string in your hoodie not where it is supposed to be? Staple the string to a straw and pull it through

13. Fix stuck zippers with crayon

Is the zipper on your favorite hoodie stuck? Rub a crayon along both sides of the zipper. The wax helps it get unstuck.

14. Use safety pins to fix hoodie strings

Attach a safety pin to a hoodie string to get rid of bunching.

15. Unshrink a sweater with water and hair conditioner

Is your favorite sweater shrunk and no longer fitting you? Put it in warm water and hair conditioner for a few minutes.


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