Modern 3D Epoxy Floor Designs Will Amaze You !!

 Modern 3D Epoxy Floor Designs Will Amaze You !!

Dwell Of Decor:

The floor is made of ceramic tiles . This material is best suited for the use in "harsh" conditions - easy to care for it and it is fine to withstand the prolonged exposure to moisture.

Recently, the internet has become completely obsessed with epoxy polymer flooring, and all the different ways designers can use this product to breathe new life into otherwise rooms.

Whether you are adding epoxy polymer to raw cement to boost shine and dimension, or coating it over an amazing 3D floor, using this product allows your decorating imagination to truly run wild.

The 3D floor looks impressive and very unusual. If before being home flooring technology, it is mainly used in the interiors of hotels, restaurants and luxury boutiques, now more than 90% of all orders fall on the 3D floor art in the apartments and suburban homes.

Epoxy floor

3D epoxy floor

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