15 Creative DIY Projects

15 Creative DIY Projects

Dwell Of Decor:

The elegant and unique furniture highlights the overall home in any living room, bedroom, dining room or anywhere else in your home where you can spend most of the time with the family by watching movies, enjoying coffee and attend family gatherings. With repeated use, seasonal changes, and furniture seems to be old over time, and it is always difficult to buy such an expensive item over and over again. This new furniture ideas provide the option of affordable and stylish to change the interior design of the house. You can go with your creativity when you make it by your hands or getting it done.

Take advantage of the empty bottles
Shopping basket made ​​of plastic bucket and clothes pegs
Balloon + glue + thread wool+ cloth

Romance dinner: Put a rose inside the bowl and the top candle

Colorful plastic spoon
Use the bottom of the bottles to put accessories

Use paper cylinders to work pretty striped

Cans Iron + Candles + glue + red cloth

Use empty water bottles to provide a high temperature in order to help the growth of plants

empty bottles to make pretty striped

Amazing idea to do these wonderful collection

Balloon + glue + thread wool+ cloth

A new way to use hangers, to hang shoes

 Learn How to do these wonderful progects

Amazing idea

Use bottles to make pretty striped

Vase made ​​of clothes pegs

Make Grill by using two barrels

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