A Woman's Sleeping Position Reveals A Lot About Her

A Woman's Sleeping Position Reveals A Lot About Her

Your sleeping position can reveal a lot about your character and personality. Here is a list of 5 most common sleeping positions:

 1   Freefall sleeping position

Women who sleep on the stomach with their hands under the pillow (freefall sleeping position) are outgoing, friendly and very social persons.

  2  Hunger sleeping position

If you hug your pillow while sleeping, it means that you trust people too much, which can be bad for your own good.

 3   Board position

Women who sleep like they are lying on a wooden board are usually quiet and quite reserved. They have high self-esteem and sometimes can even be arrogant.

4    Back snorer position

If you snore while sleeping, then probably you and your partner have many sleepless nights. This can significantly reflect on your health and mood.

5    Side log position

You are probably kind, social and very trusting person.


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