Creative and Innovative Design of Garden with Cinder Blocks Unneeded

Creative and Innovative Design of Garden with Cinder Blocks Unneeded


If you have done the work in your home and you still have some very bricks, here are some suggestions for the park layout that may interest you.

In fact, after that mad outdoor furniture raised platforms, concrete blocks also represent them multiple opportunities to express their creative sense but also to beautify our outdoor space cheaply.

The only drawback is cinder weight. Therefore, we must choose the place


of our creations because the movement will prove too complicated


Combining concrete blocks and wooden blocks to create a unique atmosphere

Innovative idea to make markets in their own outdoor cheaply


Converting roofed to attract birds to our space in the open air 

Creative planning a garden project with concrete blocks painted different colors

Converting block building to a flower pot in the open air for a very personal decor

Assisi simple to produce and garden furnishings industry in cool shades

Outdoor bar, which serves as the base vertical flower pots and garden

A model of inspiration for the design of the garden customization at will

Put the bench in front of the house is an economic and aesthetic

Merged into walls of concrete blocks are creative garden design

Interesting ideas for making concrete block and wooden poles square seat

Large concrete blocks decorated with art and turn it into a garden furnishings atypical

Green wall or vertical garden furniture concrete mass of the original for himself
Those who love the rough and finished appearance to some extent to be able to use concrete blocks and building blocks as it is. They fully engage in the design of the park and this regardless of the chosen style. Yet those in the creative spirit, and can play the game and have fun combining different colors, patterns and designs.
Rest cinder blocks is another strength. With blocks in various sizes cement bench nice can be manufactured, flower pots arranged differently, garden furniture, Bradwss, marches etc.
Concrete blocks as the original wall in the backyard
Thus, we will face the satisfaction of work well done, once the project is completed and our budget will suffer much.

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