Ideas for Asian Patio Designs

Ideas for Asian Patio Designs

Ideas for Asian Patio Designs

Hi there,Today we will share with you lovely ideas for Asian Patio Designs and how can you do it by your self .

What materials should I use for my Asian patio?

As with any outdoor space, materials dictate the overall style and feel, so make sure your choices accurately reflect the vibe of your home. Stone and terracotta tile are common with mediterranean houses, while brick is most often seen in traditional homes. Concrete works well with almost any space and style, so it's always a great option when you're choosing patio materials. After you figure out your foundation, decide whether you want a covered or uncovered area. You can always add a pergola, arbor, awning or trellis for some shade, or you can let the sun shine down on your zen patio.

What should I incorporate in my Asian patio design?

Even though a zen patio can be nothing more than a paved slab outside your house, it can also be so much more if you add the right additions. Fire pits and fireplaces are great for cooler nights, while an outdoor kitchen and bar make it an ideal party mecca. Regardless of what you do, a grill and eating spot is a must for al fresco dining, and you need good furniture to truly enjoy even the most basic outdoor space. Depending on your budget and maintenance threshold, you can even opt for a hot tub and pool to complement the space.

How should I decorate my Asian patio?

Everything you place outdoors should be weatherproof, but that doesn't mean your Japanese style patio can't look as good as any indoor living room. Rugs, throw pillows and chair cushions all come in waterproof fabrics, while coffee tables, side tables, sofas, sectionals and armchairs often come together in sets. Rope or string lighting are popular mood setters, as are candles, which can also keep bugs away if you get the right kind. Put together some flower or succulent arrangements in pretty containers and place those around your Chinese style patio to liven it up. Fun little accessories, like a garden gnome, tiki torch, bird feeder or umbrella can add more personality where it's lacking.
Most homes would have a patio for it is one way to make the outdoors space more useful. It can merely be a garden with a paved area, an outdoor dining area, a wooden decked seating area, or just whatever the homeowner wants to have for its outdoor area. Whatever is the use of the patio, it sure is one space that immediately becomes one of the homeowner’s favorite because of how it unites with nature.

Today, we will show you some beautifully designed Asian-themed patio designs.

Expect to see some sculptures that are totally Asian – wood, bamboo, and other elements. We are sure that you will love these patios especially how they are lighted and decorated.

In the end, pick your favorite patio design and tell us why you love it!
Architectural Photography

Asian-themed patio designs

That wall sculpture in this garden became the focal point of the area as it set a dining table and chairs for outdoor dining and bonding.

small patio

Diva Interior Concepts

This small patio has a garden that will make one feel relaxed because of its Zen feel.

wooden patio

Outhouse Design

A wooden patio with a bench and planter in one. That wall decor on one side stroked that Asian look.
Chinese Antique Architectural Pieces

patio wall decor

Shanghai Green Antiques

This house is filled with Chinese antique architectural elements from the architecture of the house as well as the patio. Seen here is an interesting wall decor made of concrete.
Greg Norman Drive

lines and patterns

C.O.S Design

Playful and sophisticated combination of lines and patterns is seen in this patio. The varying sizes of the wood mimics the look of a bamboo.
Roscoe Village Retreat


Prassas Landscape Studio LLC

This partition in the patio is made from bamboo which is one highlight of this space.
Lost Tree Village, North Palm Beach, Residence

sculptures and plants

Blakely and Assoc. Landscape Architects, Inc.

The patio looks lovely wherever you look because of the drama brought by the lights, sculptures and plants.
Fowler St, Camperdown

Asian-themed patio designs

Outhouse Design

A small patio, yes but the design is extremely loud!

Bamboo gravel

Carl Balton & Associates

Bamboo on one side covered with gravel- this gives an Asian touch to this patio as well as the gray pergola.
Poolside Pavilion

seating areas

Project Designs Architects

This is just one part of the patio. It is actually surrounded by many seating areas and a lovely lawn too.
San Dimas, Residence

Asian look

Alan Dunn Landscape Design

One look and you will know that this one has an Asian look from the colors and style.
Vale Park

covered patio

Yardstick Landscape Design

A covered patio with a spa in it. Spell relaxation!
San Francisco

The most striking feature of this area is the moat with its large granite slab bridges that was created for a collection of prized koi.

What can you say? It isn’t really hard to pull off an Asian style for the outdoor area even for a patio. Even merely adding koi in it would give it that aura. But commonly, bamboo and Asian sculptures will complete the look. You can also see Gorgeous Ideas for Asian Patio Designs

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