DIY Projects:Amazing Ideas For Using Cinder Blocks At Your Home Decor

DIY Projects:Amazing  Ideas For Using Cinder Blocks At Your Home Decor

 Using Cinder Blocks At Your Home Decor

Why cinder blocks you may be wondering? Well, because they’re readily available at any hardware store or construction site, you can get them for basically nothing if you scrap or recycle them, they’re relatively lightweight, tough, and they require next to nothing in terms of maintenance.

As you can see, they’re perfect for building all sorts of things (affordable, utilitarian pieces mostly) at dirt cheap prices when compared with what you can buy from a hardware store.
1. Build a Block Fire Pit Using Cinder Blocks

First you should check out the laws and regulations in your county regarding building fire pits. Sometimes you’ll need a permit and may also have to pay a relatively small fee for building it.

After that, you’ll need to choose the best spot for your cinder block fire pit. You’ll want it to be far enough away from your house, plants, firewood and anything else that it may ignite accidentally. Ideally, your block fire pit should be in the proximity of a water hose in case of fire emergencies.
2. Use Cinder Blocks for Root Cellar Shelving

Yes, you can use cinder blocks for building furniture in a way that doesn’t look terrible!

You won’t even need to glue, nail or drill them so they make for an awesome raw material for building shelves in your root cellar. The designs, patterns and size options for building shelves out of cinder blocks are endless.

Basically you can put cinder blocks to good use in your cellar for storing your food, gear and whatever else you’d like in whatever style you choose.  This is an example of what a true prepper’s cellar might look like.

3. Build a (Portable) Fireplace Using Cinder Blocks

 4. Use Cinder Blocks in Your Garden for a Raised Bed Garden

4. Build Steps Using Cinder Blocks
 5. Build an Outdoor Cinder Block Bench

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