How To Choosing Kitchen Colors.. very important information

How To Choosing Kitchen Colors.. very important information

Color of the walls, kitchen furniture and facades play a big role in creating a comfortable microclimate in the kitchen, are part of the interior. Choose a color for your kitchen space will help you a few simple rules for the selection of the color of furniture.

Color creates the illusion of broadening or narrowing of the space, so when it is selected, consider the size of your kitchen. Dark colors reduce space, so they are for a small space is not recommended.

Light colors optically expand the space. Bright colors in a small kitchen tire, in a small kitchen are most appropriate in pastel shades. In large rooms is not advisable to use cold colors and shades, they can make the kitchen and featureless desert.

To choose the color should be defined with the following points:
- The color of kitchen furniture, kitchen fronts color (main color of the interior);
- The color of the kitchen walls;
- The color of the flooring;
- Color work surfaces.

Kitchen red - this kitchen can be annoying red extravagant and if at first glance it seems fun and original, then a month later he may get bored so that the kitchen will put you off.

But red charged strong energy, a stimulant, increases vitality and awakens the appetite. More suitable for kitchen design warm, soft and non-aggressive shades of red - tomato color, cherry, coral. Red color goes well with white, with glass and metal

Kitchen blue - calming effect, reduces appetite. However, blue or blue kitchen will not look too comfortable, especially if the kitchen faces the north side. Blue colors are best used in warm, sunny, even hot environments. For the kitchen is best to choose a pale blue shades. Navy blue color has tireless energy and rejuvenating tranquility. Blue shades go well together in the kitchen with a coral color, orange, yellow flowers, to give appetite.

Green Kitchen - uplifting. Shades of green, the color of nature, a positive effect on digestion. For finishing dishes suitable warm green hues. However, people are prone to melancholy better to choose a cheerful kitchen, for example, yellow. Green kitchen facade combined with yellow walls create an atmosphere of cheerfulness; Blue-green combination - more strict. Among the dishes are popular colors - salad, pistachio.

Kitchen purple - soothes, relaxes, but suppresses appetite. Purple color in the kitchen well with olive and ocher tones.

Kitchen yellow color - yellow and pastel shades, peach color should not be used in low-light scenes indoors, they will look dull and uninteresting. With stylish kitchen peach color will blend white, metallic silver, blue. Popular shades of yellow for kitchens are - pastel shades of yellow satin, sunny yellow, red copper.

White kitchen - is a versatile color, it is used in classical cuisine, and in the kitchen in high-tech style.

Kitchens wenge, mahogany - closer to the style of hi-tech. These dishes go well with frosted glass, aluminum profiles are made in a minimalist style. Well with this kitchen colors - gray, white, bardovye, pistachio tones. Black, dark, especially

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