Stunning whimsical Kids Rooms

You should to give your kids beautiful dreams by decorating their rooms in a fantastic whimsical style as displayed in these little gems, full of vibrant color splashes, creative lighting and ,imaginative furnishings.

What’s more whimsical than bringing the tree house indoors? 


The irregular arrangement of this room divider makes for a free form look in the computer area, whilst doubling up as an extra storage and display area.

The zigzag shelving in this kids space forms an electric current of color across a neutral wall, complemented by a complimentary cluster of pendant lights.

 For those who have a little more space to play with, storage can be as much a piece of art as a practicality, like this Ferris wheel construction for example.                  

These circular bookshelves may take up a little more wall space than your average rectangular affair, but the visual wow factor is so much stronger.

Balloon lights bring all the fun of the fair into afloat bedroom

This soft and towering mattress stack is fit for a princess–and a pea!

 Try bringing in elements of your child’s hobbies and interests in new ways, such as through upholstery and throw rugs 

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