Fifteen Exploitation Corner and shelf for kids room

Exploitation Corner and shelf for kids room

Exploitation corner space open up the rest of the room for more flexible accommodation. If you mount your fireplace or shelf set in the corner of a room, for instance, there is more room to move about in. This is especially worthwhile in a smaller kid room and means you can often rearrange your seating so that it is no longer in the way of walkways and doors. Indeed, corner storage units can also double up a banquette seats, freeing even more space.

If you have a corner of kids room that nothing seems to fit in, install some shelving. Corners that are the most problematic often have a pillar nearby, making them for regular furniture to fit in. Display shelving is the ideal corner-based solution. A corner positioned book case will make for a mini library in your living room. Use a standard lamp nearby to create a different zone in the room space

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